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Kaleb Nation

Hi, my name is Kaleb Nation. I am unique in that I put my clients first. Meeting the needs of my client is my priority. My wide variety of skills and punctual attitude allow me to handle a diverse set of projects. I am distinctly creative producing design outcomes that achieve market success and increase brand visibility.

I was born in Alabama in 1991 as the youngest of five children. I moved to Michigan when I was nine and am still there today! I was introduced to graphics and music as a teenager. I have been given a passion for people, graphics, and music. In January of 2015, I married the love of my life, Jamie. We met in 2012, began dating in 2014, and got married. We are regular attendees and servers at The Edge, a hip-hop church in Grand Rapids, MI. My business is relationship-based because I value people. It is my goal to keep a focus on Gods’ mission for my life.

Social Media Analyst


Hi! I’m Daniel Spyralatos and I specialize in Social Media & SEO. I started my career in digital marketing five years ago, under the mentorship of my first employer. I was born in Greece, Europe and since have been in and out of the country, while maintaining residency in South Carolina. Since my first involvement in digital marketing, I have developed a series of my own little projects and advanced my knowledge and skills in Google Adwords/PPC campaigns, Facebook Ads, and reputation management.



Liv Anastasia

My name is Liv Anastasia I am a professional photographer and retoucher with 5 years of experience in post-production. I do a wide variety of retouch but I specialize in fashion/beauty and lifestyle retouching. I believe in retouch which keeps some the imperfections visible, while still looking ‘clean’. A perfected image, that is still real and true to the person and/or the story portrayed.